BIG NEWS: Two of Glyn's books were bought by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, as a wedding gift for the Royal couple, Prince William & Princess Catherine (Duke & Duchess of Cambridge). "It was a HUGE honour to have my books seen as a fitting gift for such a high profile Royal Couple !"

"After 30 years of shooting for commercial clients, I am now in a position where I can take pictures purely for myself, but the beauty about running my own gallery is that if customers like my images they buy them, if they don't like the work they leave! I love that simplicity of operation. The reward is that I get to meet some really wonderful people, with a shared interest in the landscape and environmental issues, and we discuss experiences, thoughts and memories. This interaction is absolutely the best thing about running your own gallery. I am happier and more confident now about my work and my business, than at any time to date, I'm in a good place!"